So, you have a bright, shiny, new kindle. The world of books is sitting at your fingertips just waiting to be explored! But, what is this? Who are these dreadful authors marring the delicate latticework of my kindles e-ink screen? Why that is simply your screensaver! Amazon in all their wisdom, added the feature to their kindle, but neglected to include an easy way to change it. Currently, there is no setting that will change your screensaver, but if you follow some quick, easy to follow steps, you can be changing your screensaver in no time! To jailbreak your kindle, simply go to and go to tutorials (they currently have a link to the mobile reads wiki, but they should have a proprietary walk through soon. Now, how to make a bunch of screensavers for your kindle:

1. go to Faststones website at and download their free program.
2. Install the program
3. Ok, here is the fun part. Once the program is installed and run, you’ll see something like this:
4. now, you need to browse to where you put your pictures:
5. Select the photos from the left, and click on add on the right. This puts them in the queue to be edited.
to be converted
6. Now, we get to play with the settings. Lets make these images fit our kindle
fast stone settings
7. Click on the advanced options section, and head to the resize tab on the left. This will give you the options you need to make your images fit
fast stone advance options
8. Now, scoot over to the adjustments tab and select the grayscale option.
9.Ok, this is optional, but if your like me, I like having the swipe to power bar at the bottom. I obviously added the kindlescreensavers site too in case my friends like the screensaver and want to download more. You could create one that has your contact information, or whatever you want. I created my watermark in photoshop, but you can use if you want (free and open source version competitor of photoshop). Make sure you keep it to 600 pixels wide, but it can be as tall or short as you want. After this, hit ok at the bottom.
Fast stone watermark
10.k now click on the convert button!
fast stone convert
fast stone converting
and here are the results!
Converted files
Now, if you don’t want to go through all of this, simply go to and they have a tool that allows you to create a kindle screensaver in 2 clicks. Check them out, and post any questions you have to the comments!