A close contact of mine recently emailed Google, and received this email. His name has been omitted to protect his privacy.


We are giving away thousands of Chrome notebooks and we still have a number left to give away. We’ll be continuing to ship Chrome notebooks over the coming months and we will notify applicants via email if a device is on the way.



So, what does this mean? Read on to find out! First of all, the blog post by Fastcompany is not completely accurate. If they are going to be sending out notebooks for the coming months, then it must be in the 10’s of thousands of emails sent. Secondly, it looks like eventually, we will begin to receive emails from Google regarding our shipments. This has been a huge issue, and I think would have made a huge difference in the reaction that people have had. I know if I had received an email, I would not be obsessing over this night and day. This email is a huge relief to me, and I have contacted Google about getting us unit to review, and play with. Hopefully we will be able to see what all the fuss is about soon.

Creative Commons License photo credit: adria.richards