Well this is just lovely. Today, I opened my chrome browser, and got a little surprise… Screenshot is after the break. Once again Google is teasing me. This message has been visible to people running the Dev version of Google Chrome for the past weeks, since Google started the pilot program. But as far as I can tell, this is the first time its shown up in the regular version of Google Chrome. Why do you tease me Google?Once again I think this is another indicator that Google has more up it’s sleeve than we know. It doesn’t look like everyone is getting this on Chrome yet, but it looks like its coming. I wonder if this could be the beginning of free Ad supported products? I had read an article a few years ago about Google maybe doing a free ad supported phone, and The Onion even did a spoof about free ad supported phones. But something that we haven’t heard of is Ad-supported computers. To me make it makes perfect sense for Google to give away low cost laptops. Google’s initial cost is probably somewhere around $100-$150 per computer. But since the notebook comes pre-installed with Google’s OS, even if you went to a different search engine, Google could still mine your search data, and use it to make money. To me, its simply a long term investment on Google’s behalf. They simply have to put a little bit of money into their customers, and it opens a flood hose of data into Google’s servers. Hopefully we will know a little bit more about Google’s plans soon.