Google adds desktop notifications for gmail!

A new option is available in google mail! It is called desktop notifications! And it is pretty cool! Google now allows you to set up popups on your desktop whenever you get new mail, or when you get a chat request. This further pushes the line from desktop apps, to web based apps. Before this, I always installed Google talk as my desktop notifier, but this setting makes it obsolete. Its very quick, and the popup is very noticeable. […]

How to batch create Kindle Screensavers

So, you have a bright, shiny, new kindle. The world of books is sitting at your fingertips just waiting to be explored! But, what is this? Who are these dreadful authors marring the delicate latticework of my kindles e-ink screen? Why that is simply your screensaver! Amazon in all their wisdom, added the feature to their kindle, but neglected to include an easy way to change it. Currently, there is no setting that will change your screensaver, but if you follow some quick, easy to follow steps, you can be changing your screensaver in no time! To jailbreak your kindle, simply go to kindlescreensavers.com and go to tutorials (they currently have a link to the mobile reads wiki, but they should have a proprietary walk through soon. Now, how to make a bunch of screensavers for your kindle: […]

CR48 – Is Google just taking a break?

Take it with a grain of salt, but according to Neowin Forums Google has been taking a little break, and that is why shipments have been so slow. If [...]

Yes, we are still alive. Barely.

Wow, the Angry Tech team has been seriously under the weather these past few days. We will be back in a day or so, and hopefully have some treats [...]

Google adds Video to their Supported Docs File Uploads!

If you have been in your google docs account in the past few days, you will see a little window popup, with the message on the right. Google has added video to their ever expanding set of supported files. True, you could upload video files before, but now you can watch them in your browser, without the need of downloading them to your computer first. […]

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