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Episode Talking Points

  • Sticky Notes – .174
    • Pros
      • Helps you visually delimit the workflow into chunks
    • Cons
      • Be able to change the colors of the comments, in case you put a comment on a comment.
      • Able to control the level the note is on. When 2 are stacked, the ability to choose what is on top of which.
  • Jmespath Thoughts
    • Difficult to use still, but with some testing now makes sense
    • Other No-Code solutions I’ve used have a separate node for JMESpath, which then lets you create KVP for either a string output or an array output. That allowed you to use to map out the values than just copy and paste them into the editor.
  • Custom Auth for HTTP Request – .178
    • When you first start using it, you think that n8n has mapped out all the potential endpoints for an API for each app it supports. When you realize that they haven’t, but that http request does exactly the same thing, that’s when you have an epiphany.
  • Node Versioning – .175
    • Exciting but wish that workflows supported versioning as well
  • Markdown Node – .173
    • I love this node! So many times I need to convert HTML into something readable and the extract HTML node is too difficult to use.
    • Downside – unable to define what flavors of markdown are used. For example, the slack API requires that links are formatted as <link|text> and their output links as (text)[Link].