How-To be a mommy blogger

I always get really excited when people want to get into blogging. There are many people out there that make a living out of blogging, and honestly, as someone who loves to write, I find it very therapeutic. Well, a friend of mine (a stay at home mom) recently contacted me about maybe starting a blog. She had 3 questions for me. 1. Have you ever been able to make money by blogging? 2. How does ad placement work? In other words, how do you make money from ads and does it go by the number of hits you have on a blog? 3. Also.. what would you recommend for a free(to test the waters first) blog hosting site that has nice design options? Some of the biggest blogs out there are blogs run by stay at home moms, probably because they are at home and have the time to write, and are big because their target audience is also at home and has time to read them. One of my favorite technology journalists started her mommy blog and it has done very well. The key here, more than anything is consistency. You have to stick to a schedule (I have some tools that makes this very easy), whatever that schedule may be. Still interested? Keep reading for my take on these questions. […]

How to view your Facebook page likes

Facebook, as a platform, continues to grow and change. This is evident with their new Timeline interface, and their constantly changing news stream. Unfortunately, they sometimes make things more difficult than necessary. In this particular case, trying to find out who has liked your Facebook page. This used to be a simple matter, but it seems to have gotten harder. Check out the screenshots below on how to view your current likes. […]

Free Vector Green check box with check mark

So the other day, I was looking for a check mark vector graphic, and for the life of me, I could not find any that I liked. I finally found one over at shutterstock, (http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=60481177), that I really liked, but I didnt want to pay $20 for something so simple! So what did I do? I recreated it myself! Once you get good enough with Illustrator, it’s pretty easy to assemble basic shapes into complex images. So feel free to download the file below, its Royalty free, and I release my version under the Creative Commons license. Hope you enjoy it! […]

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