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4 Reasons, and 1 Super Reason to get an E-reader this year

This Christmas, I got a nice little present from my boss. He gave me his older generation 2 kindle, since he got the kindle 3. Now, I already have a Sony PRS-505 e-reader, so while I was excited, it wasn’t the end of the world. I did not explode in a flash of excitement. Till I got to know my Kindle a little better. I am now Super excited about it! I can already see the day where people will not need to carry around a stack of physical books! More after the break! […]

Merry Christmas From Angry Tech Blog!

Merry Christmas from all of us from Angry Technology! :) Thank you for helping us make this year such a great year! We hope you stick with us as [...]

CR-48 Pilot is over, but why is the site still up?

Well, the deadline for the Chrome OS CR-48 came and went pretty uneventfully. No major announcements from Google. No apocolypse. And no taking down of the Pilot website… This could very easily simply be that someone forgot to take it down, or maybe Google is going to keep the program running for a while longer. More after the break. […]

How To Switch Android Keyboards

Wow, I just had a Facepalm moment. I consider myself a very advanced android user. I rooted my first android phone (the G1) over 2 years ago, and I currently have a rooted EVO running MIUI custom rom. I love changing the ROM and seeing what over developers have come up with. Now, here’s the facepalm moment. I never knew how to switch keybards! […]

Android Gingerbread Keyboard Review

This weekend, I had some time to kill, so I installed the new Gingerbread keyboard on my Evo 4G. I spent the whole weekend playing with it, and getting to know it, so here is my review.   PRO’s 1. I like how it looks! I use a custom rom and it brings its own pretty keyboard, but I miss the industrial look of the original android keyboard. This brings it all back. […]

Google requests regular chrome users to apply for CR-48 Pilot Program

Well this is just lovely. Today, I opened my chrome browser, and got a little surprise… Screenshot is after the break. Once again Google is teasing me. This message has been visible to people running the Dev version of Google Chrome for the past weeks, since Google started the pilot program. But as far as I can tell, this is the first time its shown up in the regular version of Google Chrome.  […]

Google Confirms will contact via Email For CR-48

A close contact of mine recently emailed Google, and received this email. His name has been omitted to protect his privacy. ———————————————————- Hi [OMITTED], We are giving away thousands of Chrome notebooks and we still have a number left to give away. We’ll be continuing to ship Chrome notebooks over the coming months and we will notify applicants via email if a device is on the way. Cheers, [Omitted] ————————————————— So, what does this mean? Read on to find out!  […]

Addicted_Gamer updates the CR-48 Google Chrome Tracker

About 10 minutes ago, Addicted_gamer, the maker of the CR-48 google chrome os tracker, updated his tracker with more shipments! That means that if you checked to see if there was a package for you before and there wasnt one, well there is a good chance that has changed. Check out his site here: http://addicted-gamer.com/cr48-tracker/ You will notice a significant difference this time around. More after the break! […]

Google ChromeOS Is Genius For Dying Newspapers

Many blogs and news sources have given Google ChromeOS a beating for its simplistic nature and for being a single use device. But you have to wonder, why would Google create such a crippled OS? My initial thought was that this product is aimed at a very specific group of users, the non-computer tech people. While this may be true, it doesn’t explain why they are “Appifying” the web. Completely unnecessary, but considering apple’s claim to fame being the app store, I’m sure they assumed that this would draw more people. What does this mean? More after the break. […]

How to track my Google Chrome CR48 [UPDATED]

[CHECK THE UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM!] Ok, so you want to see if you are getting a Google Chrome CR-48 right? Well, its not that easy. You need to do a little bit of detective work. This will involve calling UPS, doing a search through a long database (I’ll show you a shortcut) and basically being a little detective. If you are ok with this, then read on! […]

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