Ok, so you want to see if you are getting a Google Chrome CR-48 right? Well, its not that easy. You need to do a little bit of detective work. This will involve calling UPS, doing a search through a long database (I’ll show you a shortcut) and basically being a little detective. If you are ok with this, then read on!Ok, so first of all, you need to be in a fairly small town. If you live in a major metropolitan area, you might as well give up, sit back, and wait to see if your one of the lucky few. If you live in a smaller town, then you stand a good chance to receive one,  and you will be able to track it. Ok so a group of friends figured out the UPS reference number that Google is using to track the packages. A few other people have created detailed lists.

So here you go. Start here:


This little tool will first of all tell you if anything is heading your way. So if you see a small list of packages heading to your town, then rejoice! You have a chance of receiving one soon. Now, here comes the detective work. Now that you know something is heading your way, you need the tracking numbers. For that, use this list (hopefully this person keeps the list up to date…):

Batch 1 – http://pastie.org/1366639
Batch 2 – http://pastie.org/1366365
Batch 3 – http://pastie.org/1366486

This is all of the tracking numbers and the location. Simply press Cntrl+F to bring up a search window and type in your zip code or town. Then harvest the reference numbers from each of the packages going to your town. Then, go to the UPS site:


and search via reference number. This will give you two great pieces of information. If it has been delivered, and the tracking number. Now, all you have to do, is call UPS and ask them if the package is going to your address. I recommend you only give the agent 2 tracking numbers so they wont get too suspicious. After the first 2, call back and do it again, until you find out if one is going to your address. And that is all. Pretty simple, but a little bit of work. If this helped you, feel free to leave a comment.

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So, the addicted gamer site is down, there is no more tracking available for the CR48. I know, it sucks, but it really is now just a mystery, as far as who is getting what. My friend just got one this morning, so I wouldn’t necessarily lose hope if you applied early on, but I wouldn’t recommend obsessing over it like I did. My real job took a hit due to all that obsessing, and while I have made many new friends, it is not worth losing your job over (no I am still employed thankfully!). We are not really using the google group, if you want to obsess over this, you can join a few of our obsessed friends at CR48Central.com chat room. Feel free to post your questions in the forum, and cross your fingers that you get one! But for now, there are no tricks to getting your hands on one, and no pasties to check your address. If we hear any different, we will post an update. Thanks!