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At work, we use a nifty service called Logmein. It allows you to easily remote connect to any PC you have previously installed the software on. This service is great because I can not only remote into a PC from anywhere with an internet connection, but I can even connect through my phone using the Logmein app, which is extremely useful. But, here is the catch, you need to preinstall the logmein app before you are able to connect. This is fine for computers that I regularly need to access, but what about my friends computers that I don’t access as often? Well Keep reading for the whole scoop! […]

Software Review – Jing Pro

Screen Capture technology. How difficult does it really need to be? Well Techsmith apparently wants to make it even easier than a simple press of the Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard. Many of my friends are shocked to find out that by simply pressing the Prnt Scrn button, windows stores a copy of your screen in the windows clipboard. To access the file, simply open paint, and paste. But, what if there was a simpler way to do it? What if with a few clicks, you had a perfectly cropped screen capture? Well read on to see how! […]

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