At work, we use a nifty service called Logmein. It allows you to easily remote connect to any PC you have previously installed the software on. This service is great because I can not only remote into a PC from anywhere with an internet connection, but I can even connect through my phone using the Logmein app, which is extremely useful. But, here is the catch, you need to preinstall the logmein app before you are able to connect. This is fine for computers that I regularly need to access, but what about my friends computers that I don’t access as often? Well Keep reading for the whole scoop!What about friends, or friends of family? Well, logmein has created an application just for that. It’s called (which is a wonderful play on words :D). is a service that is more geared to presentations. It allows multiple people to connect to a computer simply by typing in a code, or a site address. It is very well thought out and makes presentations a breeze. I have been using it a lot with clients who want to make changes to their website, but live too far away for us to meet and make changes. It is a wonderful tool, and to view another persons computers, no software is needed. To share you screen, you do need to run a tiny app, but it literally takes no time, and the requests for permission to install are minimal, so even Grandma shouldn’t have any issues with it. Once they are connected they see the other persons computer through a web page. There is a little bit of lag, but not enough for it to be an issue.

The Screen Sharer

The person sharing the screen has quite a few tools at their disposal. They will see a little control bar (that can be freely moved if in the way) at the top of the screen that looks like this: control bar

This little control bar does quite a bit. You probably will not need all of the tools, but here are each of them, and what they are used for. conference call icon1. this nifty little tool allows you to start a conference call on your phone, and allow everyone to be on the same page. When you click on it, you are given an #800, and the 9 digit code (which is the same code as at the top). You have your clients all call that number and put in that code, and then you are all conferenced together. Very handy indeed!

2. The Chat icon! this nifty feature allows you to chat with your clients easily through their screen. Since I usually initiate contact through a separate chat client anyway, this is not used very often. It is better to use this product though, since most people will not want to be switching back and forth between the chat client and your screen. chat

3. The Ginourmous Pause button! This is very handy for presentations, not so much for tech support. Basically, if you want to do something private on your screen while everyone is connected, you simply press the pause button and everyone that is connected to the session will not see any changes made on your screen. It will basically be frozen on the last thing you were doing. Once again, handy for presentations, not handy for anything else.


4. This is the Presenter’s icon. This is very simple, it shows you who is connected to your session. It should be noted that since sometimes people accidentally disconnect and reconnect through no fault of their own, they might show up multiple times on here, so keep an eye on it, but it is usually quite accurate. When someone connects, it automatically shows it on the screen at the top how many people are on.

5. Control the mouse! People that are connected to the session are able to request mouse control. This is perfect for people who want technical support because they feel like they are in control. People have many misconceptions about remote sessions like this, and they think that anyone can connect whenever they want, and this helps them see that they are the ones in control. The mouse control isnt perfect, but it works. You can see the mouse follow your mouse on screen, so its not super smooth, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up in functionality.

The Joiners

The people who join your session get a similar bar at the top, except it is green. If you are the support specialist, then you will easily be able to take control. Just click on the green mouse at the top, and wait for the other person to approve the request. You will then be able to control it. Below is what you will see when you go to the URL: remote screen

Wrap Up

So that is pretty much it. Its a simple service, that really helps you provide a sought after service. Remember, this is a Logmein product, so if you are a professional support agent, and not a hobbyist, consider Logmeins pro service. You will get much more bang for your buck.