Addictive is such a strong word, but I think that when it comes to describing this game, it is not strong enough. I installed this game a few months back, wanting to play some tower defense games, but it was my wife that actually started playing it. She has been addicted for about 2-3 weeks now, coming home, and getting on and playing the game for a very very long time. This should be somewhat of a hint as to how good this game is. Read on for my complete review.

Between some of the levels, there are short image clips that show you the story

When it comes to tower defense games, I am definitely a sucker. I love them! They combine the strategy of chess, with the god like powers of a real time strategy game. That and the fact that it is very easy to learn, but extremely difficult to master combine to make the game sometimes frustrating, but always entertaining. My wife has decided to take a harder road as well and beat each level on the Easy, Medium, and Hard modes, which means she plays each level 3 times. This is something that I don’t quite understand, since the game is hard enough at easy mode, becoming almost impossible (in the later levels) on hard mode.

When the game becomes too difficult we both put our heads together and try alternate strategy’s, sometimes dying within the first few seconds, and other times lasting almost to the end. Usually she comes up with an elaborate placement that utterly destroys all the enemy’s, and leaves me scratching my head in amazement at her skill.

My favorite gun, the RailGun demolishing 2 enemies.

The Premise of the Game

The story line of the game isn’t really all that exciting, colonists from earth have crash landed on an alien planet, and are attempting to bring it under their control. That is where we come in. The locals are trying to get to our base, and destroy us, using sheer numbers to try to overwhelm our defenses (sounds a bit like avatar no?). Your mission is to place different towers along the path that the aliens follow, making it impossible to get to the base. At first it is childishly simple, making you think that maybe this is a child’s game, but as it progresses, you see that it is actually much much harder than you expected. As the game goes on, you start to unlock more weapons, to help stem the tide of the game. The sheer amount of enemies that is thrown against you is quite staggering, and without these upgraded weapons, you wouldn’t stand a chance.

Tips and extras

For the longest time, we played without the help of our super weapons, which are one time use weapons that can help turn the tide of battle. One of the weapons is a gravity manipulator, which when activated, lets you control the gravity in the game based on how you tilt the iPad. This can be beneficial since it will slow down a large group of enemies that are coming against you if your tilt the ipad to make it “higher” for them. Other weapons include a bomb drop with a single bomb, or a bomber jet that drops several bombs anywhere on the map.

A little tip that might help is the use of the Railgun and energy bushes. If you place a rail gun behind an energy bush, and tell it to shoot it, it wont harm the bush, but it will shoot the rail gun over and over again, disregarding whether or not an enemy is nearby, allowing you to kill enemies before they come anywhere near you. I am not sure if this is an accident or if it was placed on purpose, but use it to your advantage!

Overall thoughts on the Game

Overall, I absolutely love the game, and think that the developer has done a great job with it! It is very addictive, and easy to play, making it a great game to pass the time with. I give it a 10/10 and say job well done! I would recommend it to any of my friends. Full gallery of pics is below! Enjoy!

Currently the game is $4.99 in the itunes store, and can be found here.