Looks like gmail decided to crash today. As of 9/23/11, at around 11:34am Tucson time, gmail servers crashed. As we know more, we will let you know!
UPDATE: Looks like its back. I think Google accidentally pressed the wrong button somewhere! Snapshot of tweets below showing the outage.

UPDATE: Google responds with a hiccup.

Google’s @gmail twitter account took blame for the incident today in which a large group of Gmail and Google apps users lost access to their gmail accounts. Below is a snapshot of the post from google:

I just want to say, that while this is scary to say the least, I applaud Google, because in the grand scheme of things, over the past 3 years Gmail has only been down for a few hours. I still say that having things in the cloud is a good idea, and that overall, you are probably safer with gmail, than with just about any other Email Provider.