Last Friday, I had the incredible opportunity of speaking to the middle schoolers of Challenger Middle School. I went up with my mother, Litza Menendez of E-motions Video and did a joint presentation on what it is like to own your own business, and be a web developer. It was a an amazing experience!

The kids were very attentive and well behaved, asking questions about what it was like to be your own boss, what it was like to work from home, or to work from  other  locations. I also played the video from about coding and how important it is to learn now when you are young. The kids were amazed by the Facebook and Google headquarters, the fact that some of their idols like Will.I.Am is into coding and the cool things that can be done by code.

It’s funny to see the kids and know that I was there as well, young and full of hope, not knowing where my future would take me, but optimistic about it, knowing that I could be anything that I set my mind to. I don’t know how many kids were touched by my presentation, but I hope that they saw the benefits of going to school, and I hope that many of them choose technology when they grow up and hit college.