With 2018 coming to a close, I wanted to write a blog post highlighting some of the things that have happened this year to us at AZ Tech Sol.

The biggest news of 2018 is that I am now a Father! On September 27, 2018, my wife and I gave birth to a healthy 7lb 13 oz boy named Angel Jett Menendez. Our hope is that he follows in our footsteps, not just with business, but also with traveling.

This little guy has been the joy of our lives and has made my wife and I want to grow our businesses, even more, this year so he will have a business to cultivate when he gets older. Already, he has sat in my lap watching as I edit some of our current websites, and you may have heard him over the phone if you’ve called me in the past few months.

He has also already flown several times from Houston to Tucson and handled it like a champ with no screaming or crying! We hope our luck holds as we take him to places that are even farther away, like Paris in March.

2018 has also been a year of growth and focus, with us spending a lot of our time figuring out what we enjoy doing in our businesses and making sure we focus more on the things we are good at, and less on the things we aren’t (such as billing!). In the past, I’ve been in charge of manually invoicing clients and making sure they pay on time, sometimes going months without getting paid on a website that I must pay for monthly.

This year, to avoid this, I have finally used the same tools I use for you, for myself. I have integrated a fully featured subscription manager into the AZ Tech Sol website to help you manage your hosting or maintenance plans. You can now sign up, pay, and even cancel your service if you no longer need it. Everything is now managed by credit card or Amazon payments. If you still pay with checks, we will make exceptions this year but next year (2020) we will no longer accept checks as valid forms of payment.

My goal is to make each and every one of your websites a work of art, and a joy to use. I also want to be here for you in case you have any issues.





PS. Here are a few more pictures of the little guy!