Wow! The wait has been worth it! Over the past few days, we have slowly transitioned from shared hosting with Bluehost over to a Dedicated Virtual host, and now to completely new name and redesign! We could not be more excited! What does that mean for you, the reader? Well, you should notice a DRAMATIC increase in speed on our website. Instead of being on a server with thousands of other sites, we share it with maybe a hundred or so sites. This means more bandwidth for us! It also means that you will be seeing many more posts as we put AZ Cloud Tech into overtime and start posting! There are a few more changes that are going to be rolled out over the coming days.

1. Complete logo redesign. Our new logo takes into account love for the Cloud! The Digital cloud that is! Also it is the Logo of our parent company, AZ Cloud Tech, a Web Development and Tech Support Company located in Tucson AZ (where there is usually a complete lack of clouds! 🙂 )

2. Site redesign. We are going to be changing our site to reflect our new commitment to tech news.

3. Guest writers. Are you a blogger that is looking for some exposure? Write an article for us, and we could feature it! We will be putting more information up regarding what we are looking for!

And that is all folks! Thanks again for bearing with us with all of our DNS errors, and PHP issues, but we are back, and better than ever!