About 10 minutes ago, Addicted_gamer, the maker of the CR-48 google chrome os tracker, updated his tracker with more shipments! That means that if you checked to see if there was a package for you before and there wasnt one, well there is a good chance that has changed. Check out his site here:


You will notice a significant difference this time around. More after the break!There are no more tracking numbers! Addicted_gamer said that the reason for this is that he wants to avoid legal trouble, since it goes against UPS’s terms of service to disclose tracking numbers publicly.  This is probably a wise move, since Google could theoretically change the tracking numbers in the future to avoid people seeing them in advance and stealing them from peoples homes.

Google tightens the leash

As you can see from the shipment above, this one didn’t make it to its adoptive ChromeOS parents. While the suspense may be terrible, just know that this is only 8000 shipped out of the supposed 60,000 that are supposed to be sent out. This means that eventually, if you applied last week, you will most likely receive one.

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