Well, the deadline for the Chrome OS CR-48 came and went pretty uneventfully. No major announcements from Google. No apocolypse. And no taking down of the Pilot website… This could very easily simply be that someone forgot to take it down, or maybe Google is going to keep the program running for a while longer. More after the break.I won’t bore you with conspiracy theories, but I sure wish Google had been a bit more transparent throughout this whole ordeal. Google has many rabid fanboys, none more rabid than myself. I sleep, eat, breath, and live Google products. They have enabled me to live life much more comfortably then I could have before. For example, back in the day, if I wanted to know a random fact, I would have to either go looking in the library for a textbook on the subject, then read it, and then find the part that deals strictly with my question. Now, with all the indexing that Google does, I simply pull out my phone, press a button, and ask my phone the question. I will more often than not, get the right answer. This was not possible back 20 or 30 years, where so much data was not available for free. When it started, it was word of mouth that made Google so popular. People who loved Google’s server started to tell their friends, and their friends, and so on. Now, Google is the biggest search engine out there. But if you remove these fans of Google from the equation, you lose everything. And with this program, many very dedicated fans did not get a CR-48, which means that some might leave, and go to Bing. If only Google had notified people whether they were getting one or not, I believe the situation would have been different.

Well, enough of my rambling. It’s only been one day since Google “ended” the pilot program, so lets see what tomorrow holds (hopefully it holds a CR-48 for us).