$2500 Macbook Pro
$800 65 Gig iPad
$300 iPhone
$200 ipod
All the devices syncronizing to windows seven?

One of our clients is a bit older, and she is not quite computer savvy.  Well a friend of hers recommended that she get a mac because they are easier. Well that was a mistake. More after break. And before you accuse me of being a Microsoft Fan boy (which I am!), know that I personally have nothing against the Mac OS. Personally I think it looks great, and many people make a living on it. I was raised on PC’s and while I can operate a Mac, I feel much more at home on a PC. So, why is the macbook running windows? Because unfortunately, even considering how simple the Mac OS is, the client still cannot get a grasp of it, and when she calls me for tech support, the calls are unnecessarily long, because I have to translate my PC knowledge into Mac, then explain it to her in a way that cannot be misinterpreted. So, we have decided that instead of going through that headache, we will simply install Windows 7 through boot camp on her computer. It works perfectly (other than a driver issue that we had to fix, you can find that here)! We transferred everything over, and left Mac OS X on there just in case she changes her mind later. All in all it was a good decision. I also installed LogMeIn on her laptop, so if she has issues, I can simply connect to her computer without having to worry about her needing to do anything. Hopefully things go smoother from here on.